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Cubemak delivers customized software development, mobile application development, DevOps Engineering,Cloud Migrations,Web development, Web hosting & maintenance. We do deliver consulting on any IT Products including technical supports for exiting products.

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We transform your Unique Ideas into Powerful Solutions with our specilized team members on time within the estimated low budget.

Unique Ideas

Amazing ideas that will make your business inspire, Bring your unique ideas !

Building Ideas

We convert your ideas to solutions by building codes with our specilized team

Powerful Solutions

Our powerful solutions will make your business more Sustainable

What cubemak do


Cubemak brings the best from the developing worlds to your industry. From one side, we have specilised developers in building wide-ranging custom softwares all over the world. With the upgraded platform and our specialists, we can help you build powerful software solutions for your industry faster than ever before.

Billing, Maintainance & Management Applications

Billing Systems, Stock Tracking applications, Inventory Control systems, Hazard Detection System, Claim Management systems, Cloud data management systems

Retail & Ecommerce

ECommerce management systems, Big Data management systems, Stock Management Tracking, Delivery Management Systems

Construction & Insurance

Automatic hazard detection, Claim management, Cloud data solutions, Project Management systems.

IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems

Patient Tracking Systems, Channelling Maintainance Systems, HMS, Notifications alert applications, Restauarnt & Hotel apps, Tour Management Systems, Trip management web portals

Health Care & Patient Management

Patient Management System, Notifications, scheduling applications, Channelling appoinment systems, Hospital Maintainance applications

Hospitality & Travel

Hotel features applications, Tour management systems, Guide tracking systems, Restauarnt Applications

Other applications & Systems

Support for Exiting databases, Export systems for your existing databases, Essesntial database upgrade applications

Identity Management Applications
Employee Management Applications

Custom IoT Solutions

Content Management Systems

Payment Processing Applications


Solid code, Dedicated developers, Powerful results. Cubemak founded to help businesses and develop these software solutions for all private and government sectors.


How the clients get inspired by Cubemak labs and their services, Here we estimated our path of success

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In the digital world thousands of applications, and infrastructure integrations are available, Choosing correct applications for your business would benefit your business most.

Cubemak Learning

Cubemak Labs offers limited free online learning & paid training platform aimed at professional adults and students, More than consultancy we are offering professional development training to build skills and competence in individuals, a group or team for your company

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Read the popular blog posts from Microsoft Tech Community, Oracle Community, Take an advantage of new technologies through reading blogs.

Latest Online Training

Developing .NET Applications for Oracle Autonomous Database by Gohulan


Based on some years of experience and questions we received from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions, We hope that it will help you better understand about the Company and issues related services.

  • Why this Cubemak is so awesome?
    As part of this journey, We partnered with most awesome tech companies and we have our certified team to ensure that our clients will benefit from steady reliability and originality across solutions.
  • What kind of services Cubemak will deliver?
    Custom Software Development, Software Consulting, QA Consulting, DevOPS Consulting, Security Testing, Database development, Export Applications, IoT Applications, AR & VR Development, Mobile Applications, Web Development, Training Professional Developemnt
  • What kind of consultancy Cubemak will offer?
    We do all kind of consulting to develop and implement an effective strategy as well as advise on improvements to your digital customer experience. Platform consulting, Enterprise IT Consulting, Big Data Analytics Consultancy, Machine & Deep Learning Consultancy, AI and BI Consulting, Database Management Consultancy and more
  • How do I start a product or service with you?
    If you have an idea contact us by our or +94702979929. We'll meet and talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much info about your idea as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation. If you don't know how to get around to it, no worries go ahead and our experts will help you with suitable development.
  • Can I get help or support for my Exiting applications or Services?
    Yes, We take on solving issues on your existing applications or databases, performing fixes, enhancements on the code, improved security on the adoption of application.